Preventive Medicine


Super Immune Boost: Revive your immunity with Zinc, vitamin D, B12, B-complex , and homeopathics

Pain & Inflammation Relief: Decrease pain and inflammation with Magnesium, B-vitamins, and special homeopathics

Migraine Relief: Magnesium , B-vitamins, and homeopathics

Goodbye PMS: eases cramping and mental tension

Brain Boost: promotes mental clarity, memory, and anxiety

Good Mood: essential neurotransmitter (brain chemical) support for happiness

Fem Love: enhances the female libido, support hormonal balance

Men’s Stamina: Libido and energy support

Fountain of Youth: Support the pathways that promote longevity in and out

Detoxify: Essential nutrients for detoxifying and healing

Athlete: Boost stamina and post- workout recovery

Recovery: Adapt after travel or sickness

Super Charged B-12: extra B12 plus B-complex

Slim Down: Promotes healthy weight loss and metabolism

Sunshine: Vitamin D in a shot

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