Preventive Medicine

NUTRIENT INJECTIONS MENU Super Immune Boost: Revive your immunity with Zinc, vitamin D, B12, B-complex , and homeopathics Pain & Inflammation Relief: Decrease pain and inflammation with Magnesium, B-vitamins, and special homeopathics Migraine Relief: Magnesium , B-vitamins, and homeopathics Goodbye PMS: eases cramping and mental tension Brain Boost: promotes mental clarity, memory, and anxiety Good … Continue Reading

Aesthetic Medical Treatments

At A Greater Whole we offer very effective and natural procedures that produce lasting results! Cutting edge, natural solutions for unsightly wrinkles and scars. Safe and effective collagen induction treatments and PRP produce natural looking results so you still look like you- just more youthful and healthy. Scar Treatment A Greater Whole provides physician administered, … Continue Reading