Facials Hydrating Facial Ideal for all skin types to brighten, tighten and illuminate skin for a healthy glow. This no-peel facial uses mastiha botanical extract and to even out skin tone, brighten, repair and restore the skin. $125 Antioxidant Facial This unique, all seasons treatment features a blend of vitamin c, multiple acids and mastiha herbal … Continue Reading

Primary Health Care

Your whole is greater than the sum of your parts To enjoy a high level of wellness, we address each individual uniquely, to come to a level of understanding beyond symptoms.  We strive to identify and treat the root cause of your dis-ease so the symptoms and illness can be eliminated. AGW Primary Care Plan: … Continue Reading

Bio-Identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT)

Aging is not a number, it is about longevity and your quality of life. At A Greater Whole we can help you live life at your highest potential. Hormonal fluctuations and the following symptoms that occur during Menopause, Andropause, and prior to the start of a woman’s monthly period (PMS/PMDD) can cause discomfort and disruption in our daily relationships and jobs. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy … Continue Reading