Bio-Identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT)

Aging is not a number, it is about longevity and your quality of life. At A Greater Whole we can help you live life at your highest potential.

Hormonal fluctuations and the following symptoms that occur during MenopauseAndropause, and prior to the start of a woman’s monthly period (PMS/PMDDcan cause discomfort and disruption in our daily relationships and jobs. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)  helps re-establish balance in your body by providing bio-mimetic hormones that are molecularly identical to those that naturally occur in your body. By replacing the hormones lacking in your body with these organic options, you can reclaim your natural balance and feel rejuvenated! 

What are BioIdentical Hormones

Bioidentical hormones are derived from naturally occurring sources, such as yams and soy, and are designed to replicate the chemical structure of the hormones that are produced naturally by our bodies. On the flip side, synthetic hormones are intentionally different. Pharmaceutical companies can’t patent bioidentical hormones because each regimen is specifically formulated to treat each patient on an individual basis. Instead, they manufacture synthetic hormones that are patentable.

Are BioIdentical Hormones Safer or more effective than synthetic hormones?

Bioidentical hormones are more appealing when dealing with hormonal issues such as menopause and andropause because they are derived naturally and our bodies can metabolize them properly. Another advantage of using bioidentical hormones is that they are specifically designed and dosed to match your individual hormonal needs – unlike synthetic hormones, which use a one-size-fits-all approach to symptom relief.

There is an overwhelmingly large body of evidence that supports the claim that bioidentical hormone therapy is safer and more effective than synthetic hormone replacement. However, it’s important to remember that no drug, herb, or nutritional supplement is 100 percent safe – there is always a chance that you may experience an adverse reaction. That’s why it’s critical for women and men to consult with a hormone specialist before beginning any hormone therapy regimen.

How does BHRT work?

At A Greater Whole, we use a wide range of diagnostic tests to determine deficiencies, dysfunction, and disease. Based on those results, we will prescribe a custom compound of bioidentical hormones to optimize hormone levels in your body if needed.

A Greater Whole

How can I benefit from longevity medicine?

We offer cutting edge testing, diagnostics, and effective therapies to help you thrive. BHRT can:

  • restore hormonal balance
  • restore bone health, reduce osteoporosis risk
  • optimize skin health and appearance
  • improve sleep
  • alleviate menopausal symptoms
  • optimize fertility for men and women
  • support muscle strength and maintenance
  • help decrease depression and anxiety
  • improve sex drive and libido
  • balance cholesterol levels, increase good cholesterol
  • increase stamina, energy, and endurance
  • support the immune system
  • slow down aging
  • enhance athletic ability


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